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Thinking in control & monitoring

For almost seventy years the sophisticated propulsion control and ship monitoring systems of REGULATEURS EUROPA have been supplied to merchant, commercial and military marine applications around the world. Building upon a wealth of expertise, RE work hand in hand with customers from initial consultation to project planning and execution, resulting in perfectly. With its longstanding experience in governing and controlling prime movers and its excellent design and production capabilities, REGULATEURS EUROPA fulfils the needs of shipbuilders, equipment manufacturers and fleet operators through customised propulsion control and monitoring solutions.

Propulsion Control

The REGULATEURS EUROPA Propulsion Control Panels (PCPs) are a fully integrated governing and propulsion  control unit providing a cost effective solution for Fixed Pitch Propeller (FPP), Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP), and water jet marine applications.

Propulsion Control Panel

Condition Based Monitoring Systems

HEINZMANN provides Condition Based Monitoring Systems which are designed for continuously monitoring the vibration signatures of rotating machinery like gearboxes, alternators, turbochargers, discharge pumps and fans.

UECC PCTC vessel equipped with TRINO condition monitoring system from REGULATEURS EUROPA

Genset & Power Management

Range of solutions from  generator controls to power management systems for the control of power generation und power distribution on ships.

Control Panel2

Systems for monitoring and managing all crucial aspects of marine applications.

XIOS Marine

HEINZMANN Automation

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